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More so I do traditional art than digital...!

:iconshowmeyourmovesplz::iconsaysplz:Show me yo' ART!!:iconsaysendplz:


Wow me, surprise me! I may like what you've made.

:iconshowmeyourmovesplz::iconsaysplz:Show me yo' FAVE'S!!:iconsaysendplz:


Super Pinkie Galaxy by nickyv917

It's SO COSMIC, that I would imagine Pinkie Pie streaming throughout so many galaxies, saying, "WEEEEEEE", or ,"BEST RIDE EVER!!", or e...

Whooves throwing Pies: take 2 by JoeyWaggoner

That artwork of yours seems pretty normal for skills like yours. Now how it's drawn, especially, with the Doctor & the other ponies for...

I'M BACCKKKKK!!!!! by LiyuConberma

Perhaps no words can describe how awesome this is. Maybe a few to several words can describe. The visison as well as the impact are nea...

The World of Spirits by PonyLen
by PonyLen

Cosmic, like NOVA (PBS series), Super Mario Galaxy, COMBINED!! SUPER PONY GALAXY!! Righteous work, *PonyLen!! But I might as well take ...



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I need points please to better my profile, & to help upgrade some groups of mine (co-founders of GAME-DERPS, My-Little-TOME'ers, & Contributor of TOME-WORLD). It would really mean alot to me & my groups. ^_^

*I may make a group of my own in the near future...

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Morphius (CLASSIFIED!)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Not to be confused with MorphiusX on Minecraft, or Morphius on DeviantART (because the name was taken), I used MorphiusX to make my name sound 20% more cooler...

I'm more of a Traditional Artist, than a Digital Artist because HEY, if I finish an outline & digitally colour it, then where's the fun in not colouring tradtionally, huh?

Requests - Ask Me by SweetDukeRequests - Closed by SweetDukeRequests - On Hold by SweetDuke
Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - Closed by SweetDukeCollaborations - On Hold by SweetDuke


BATTLE ON! (THX 40+ Watchers!) Version III.V by MorphiusX
BATTLE ON! (THX 40+ Watchers!) Version III.V
To not have you wait for the 40+ Watchers update any longer, I've decided to give you guys a sneak peak at this coming project as well as I work on other projects. I may too update it regularly to help fill in the void...!

To give a brief summary, this watchers tribute is based on :iconkirbopher15:'s third season of Television Tome Adventures. And for the people who are into Television Tome Adventures & or Terrain Of Magical Expertise, I'm including them exclusively as III's (The Third's).

:iconsamurai41: as Samurai41 & Plu III with Vaccine Dynamo.
:iconcloudlightning: as Aaron Venarius III with Vaccine Saber. (Sorry, Cloud. I now had to an ideal design & used it.)
:icongamerxz0: as XZ0 III with Vaccine Rifle.*
:iconmorphiusx: as Morphius III with Vaccine Blaster.
:iconmine-kid23: as Mine-Kid III with Vaccine Claw.
:iconmazda1014: as Maya III with Vaccine Aura.
:iconbrawldrawer: as Leonard III with Vaccine Party Falconet.
:iconstealthmanx: as StealthmanX III with Vaccine Blade.
:iconvizardjeffhog: as Vizard III with Vaccine Keynote (Or Super Fist of the Vaccine Note#).
:iconjoeycool1210: as JC III with Vaccine Magnus Slug.
:iconkirbysmith: as Rita Pepperton III with Vaccine Aerosol Pepper.
:iconamberlouisaprower: as Amber Louisa Prower III with Vaccine Rapier.
:iconqwartzechotale: as Qwartz III with Vaccine Echo.
:iconfiretronthehedgehog: as Firetron III with Vaccine Dual Swords.
:iconyokajoker: as YokaJoker III with Vaccine Circuit.

*Even though he's not one of my watchers, he still counts as a good friend to the :iconcloudlightning:'s TTA Commentaries!
#A Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Reference.
All characters belong to their respective owners!
More updates coming soon...!
TTA - Tv Tome Adventures by :iconkirbopher15:.
Artwork by me, :iconmorphiusx:.
As I come across one of my watchers, :iconbubblized:, I noticed his recent journal (just over a week from now as we speak) saying something about DeviantART going defunct. He directed me more detail to :icondawnrex15: who reblogged this journal entry from :iconping264:... *Ahem*


I've learned that congress may start forcing websites to have its users pay to use them. Websites with high traffic will be allowed to stay on while low traffic ones have a chance of being taken down because they aren't very profitable.

So in short, Congress is full of republican idiots and our beloved dA may be gone for good. But there is still some hope. A petition is going around to stop this law from coming into full effect. If enough people sign it then we may have a chance to keep making art and socializing forever and ever. Here is the link to the petition…
I hope we can get at least ten thousand or more signatures from this site alone and put an end to this madness. Repost this in your own profiles or other groups if you can. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Have a good day and pray this site goes on.


Just the thought about the future without DeviantART... Could or would be empty without one of our means of socialization... Normally, I'm not gonna sign it for the sake of keeping my identity a secret, so I'm deciding to spread the word instead.


I'm still in progress of the new pictures that I'm working on. In the meantime...

Marvel VERSUS DC (Collab) EDIT# - 90.0% MARVEL VERSUS DC - A SonicPie1 / MorphiusX COLLAB by MorphiusX (THE COLLAB IS BACK ON, :iconsonicpie1:!!)
ASDF (THX +50 Watchers) - 5%
Battle On (THX +40 Watchers) - 28.5% BATTLE ON! (THX 40+ Watchers!) Version III by MorphiusX
GAME DERPS - Shapeless Boogaloo Coverart - 0%
VG Ponies & the Elements Of Gaming - 30.5%
Ponyvania: Order of Equestria (my cover art version) - 0%
Kirby VERSUS Robot Masters - PART III: 0% (Looks like presumably a FOUR-PARTER, FIVE-PARTER, or even SIX-PARTER from the list that I'm using!)
(Possibly) Three TOME Fan Arts - 60% (Some are a surprise for Mac The Actor, so don't say anything, as I may sidetrack to another work in progress...)
Kirby - United We Stand Tall, Together We Ride On - 0%

Requests (CLOSED & RESERVED until the 2 watcher tributes are finished, or at least enough artworks are finished. Whichever comes first...)

Firetron Meets Zecora - from :iconfiretronthehedgehog: (DONE!)
TOME WARS: The Clone Wars - from :iconjoeycool1210:
Exit 9B Take II (Comic) - from :iconcrazycartoons5488: (Scripted Draft In Progress / on hold ... )
Morphius II VERSUS YokaJoker II (Collab) - with :iconyokajoker: (In progress...)

*I do however have these done, but have not uploaded them yet. If you wish to see them now, please let me know, so that I can comply with them as soon as possible.
# EDIT ON THE MORPHIUSX & SONICPIE1 COLLAB: Due to accidental mishaps, the collab will now also be "traditionally" coloured by me as well, but SonicPie1 can soon pick up the pieces back after I give him my coloured reference, now with Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel & still keeping in Deadman in respectively.
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  • Eating: Half & Half Lemonade Tea, Water, & or Milk
  • Drinking: Dumplings | Cake

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What did you have in mind...?
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