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More so I do traditional art than digital...!

:iconshowmeyourmovesplz::iconsaysplz:Show me yo' ART!!


Wow me, surprise me! I may like what you've made.

:iconshowmeyourmovesplz::iconsaysplz:Show me yo' FAVE'S!!


Super Pinkie Galaxy by nickyv917

It's SO COSMIC, that I would imagine Pinkie Pie streaming throughout so many galaxies, saying, "WEEEEEEE", or ,"BEST RIDE EVER!!", or e...

Whooves throwing Pies: take 2 by JoeyWaggoner

That artwork of yours seems pretty normal for skills like yours. Now how it's drawn, especially, with the Doctor & the other ponies for...

I'M BACCKKKKK!!!!! by LiyuConberma

Perhaps no words can describe how awesome this is. Maybe a few to several words can describe. The visison as well as the impact are nea...

The World of Spirits by PonyLen
by PonyLen

Cosmic, like NOVA (PBS series), Super Mario Galaxy, COMBINED!! SUPER PONY GALAXY!! Righteous work, *PonyLen!! But I might as well take ...


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23 / 20,500
I need points please to better my profile, & to help upgrade some groups of mine (co-founders of GAME-DERPS, My-Little-TOME'ers, & Contributor of TOME-WORLD). It would really mean alot to me & my groups. ^_^

*I may make a group of my own in the near future...

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MorphiusX's Profile Picture
Morphius (CLASSIFIED!)
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Not to be confused with MorphiusX on Minecraft, or Morphius on DeviantART (because the name was taken), I used MorphiusX to make my name sound 20% more cooler...

I'm more of a Traditional Artist, than a Digital Artist because HEY, if I finish an outline & digitally colour it, then where's the fun in not colouring tradtionally, huh?

Requests - Ask Me by SweetDukeRequests - Closed by SweetDukeRequests - On Hold by SweetDuke
Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - Closed by SweetDukeCollaborations - On Hold by SweetDuke (NO FUTURE COLLABS AT THIS TIME PLEASE ; IF YOU ARE HIGHLY EXPERIENCED & HAVE A KNACK FOR COLLABORATIONS, THEN DON'T TURN TAIL & RUN!! I've already had 3 ex-collabs already!! :steaming:)

My Chatroom:…

My Favorite Special Gift Arts, NOT BY ME...:
//TOME-WORLD 2ND PLACE PRIZE// by BKcrazies0 MorphiusX by MajorMoonieRequest for MorphiusX by saturdaymorningprojMorphius 8-bit [UPDATED!] v1.1 by Samurai41Morphius by sonicpie1Thoughts on TOME 3 by Viper-X27
Went to Everfree NorthWest 2015. Was Great. So much information, I got distracted by it's gaming room & got to meet :icontoxic-mario: (who I forgot to ask for his autograph :facepalm:), :iconjoshscorcher:, & :iconilovekimpossiblealot:. There was & I got to play SUPER SMASH BROS 4, & I didn't even own SSB4. Seeing how Rockman's move-sets differ between SSB4 & SSF2, that says alot. I did win two matches anyhow...! :happybounce:

Make New Friends But Keep Discord (Signatured) by MorphiusX
I even got Fiery Joker, & KP their autographs! :D
There were also other games, moderate, old, & new (Sonic Adventure HD, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros.: Melee, WipEout HD Fury, Rock Band, Balloon Fight, Mario Party 2, etc.). Sounds like Alicorn Princess Blast is a thing when I first saw it as an arcade machine game (Lot tougher than it looks).
Meeting new but forgetful friends (as in I was unable to keep track of the Bronies/Pegasisters that I ever just recently met), and ones who can rendezvous on social media (like :iconardail:, thanks for that card by the way). And I met The Doctor (NO, not really but somepony cosplaying as The Doctor/Doctor Whooves)...

Only drawback was I didn't purchase anything, even one of Toxic-Mario's t-shirts (I was about to re-consider to purchase that "Hug a Tree" t-shirt, however The Vendors close apparently @ around 6:30 p.m., & he disappeared.), & didn't think to find any free souvenirs...! 'Twas my only day to visit my first con of ever. Sorry, I don't have enough money to continue visiting further. :icondoublefacepalmplz:.

Thanks, :iconeverfreenw:! I had a good time. :bow: Let's do this again, sometime or someday...

EDIT: Pardon everyone, but I got tagged by :iconyokajoker:, & I just found out about this.

Yokajoker's Questions Are:
1.What's your favourite video game?
I can't pick just F-Zero: Climax, there's so many favourites...!
2.What was your first relationship?
3.What do you think of Donkey Kong?
Have Donkey Kong Land Returns (& make it better than Donkey Kong Land), instead of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, you cheapskates!
4.What is Expand Dong?
"Expand Dong is a photoshopped reaction image featuring the face of the Nintendo character Donkey Kong with perverted captions below it. While the image and similar parodies were already shared on the online imageboard 4chan at the beginning of 2013, they managed to inspire an even larger series of similar parodies featuring several other video game characters on the microblogging website Tumblr later that year. The images commonly follow the style of Tony Kornheiser’s “Why” reaction face." ~ (About) Know Your Memes.
5.What is your favourite type of hat ware?
Top Hat (I would also would want to sport a top hat at the Grand Galloping Gala)
6.Who's your favourite Mario character?
:iconmamaluigiplz::iconsaysplz:That's "Mama Luigi" to you, Mario! *Wheeze*
7.Whats something you hate but everyone else loves?
You know WHAT I HATE? Donkey Kong Land! HERE'S WHY ~
  • Beaver Stomping
  • Surprise Falling Snakes
  • Screen Crunch
  • Lack of Colours
  • Sound Quality lacks more than in it's direct Prequel, Donkey Kong Country
  • FLYING PIGS (who's purpose is "what now"...?)
  • Them Cloud Labyrinths
  • No Real Fanfare after stomping on King K. Rool over 10+ times.
  • You can only save progress by collecting all the "K-O-N-G" Letters for every single stage throughout your journey.
  • Cave Dweller Concert (Blatant musical ripoff -- like & dislike -- of Jungle Hi-jinx). Just leaves me conflicted...!
8.Favourite yoga position?
:iconfluttertreeplz::iconsaysplz: Tree. Whoo-hoo.
9.Favourite animated TV show (anime does not count)?
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
10.If you could live in any video game universe what would it be?
Megaman Battle Network, F-Zero (Grand Prix Legend & Climax), & or Terrain Of Magical Expertise...


I'm still in progress of the new pictures that I'm working on (I could however soon enough think up more fillers, if inspiration comes across). In the meantime...


My Time at Everfree Northwest 2015 - 10% (Current Project)
BANANAS.MOV (THX +60 Watchers) - 0%
The 1UP Challenge (THX +70 Watchers) - 0%
Operation: MOONFALL (THX +80 Watchers) - IF I ever assemble 80+ Watchers, that is...
GAME DERPS: Shapeless Boop-aloo Coverart - 0%
VG Ponies & the Elements Of Gaming - 30.5%
Ponyvania: Order of Equestria (my cover art version) - 0%
Morphin'licious - 0%
The Future of Motorsports - 0%
F-Zero: Racing Past 1900 KM/H - 0%
We Are the Robots - 0%
Omniversal Bombers - 0%
Cat's Eye x Case Closed - 0%
D-Bugger Headquarters on "TOME's Moon"? - 0%
Kirby VERSUS Robot Masters - PART III: 0% (Looks like presumably a FOUR-PARTER, FIVE-PARTER, or even SIX-PARTER from the list that I'm using! -- THIS PROJECT IS PUT ON HOLD, MY DRAFT IS IN MY OTHER HARD DRIVE)
(Possibly) Three TOME Fan Arts/Doodles - 60% (Some are a surprise for Mac The Actor, so don't say anything, as I may sidetrack to another work in progress...)
Kirby - United We Stand Tall, Together We Ride On - 0%
Action Bros. (Been a while, but it may still keep rocking in my head, 'til I get there) - 0%
Soniclash Morphboom - 0%
Legends of Equestria (My Fanart Title Screen) - 0%
Rockshy M series coverart - 0%
Rockshy Libra series coverart - 0%
Rockshy Libra ~ Libra VERSUS Omega Brony - 0%
Rockshy LM series coverart - 0%
Rockshy LM ~ Biometal Models - pending...
Rockshy DASH series coverart - 0%
Rockshy.EXE series coverart - 0%
Shooting Star Rockshy - 0%
Shooting Star Rockshy ~ PART III - 0%
Other SMBZ fanart - 0%
Other F-Zero fanart - 0%
Welcome to the Eggman Empire! - 0%
Other Sonic X-treme fanart - 0%
Console All-Stars - 0%
The Real Game Masters - 0%
Sonic ~ Look Alike - 0%
Rockshy M ~ Pluffdouken - 0%
Nightmares Get Their Just Deserts - 0%
We Like Trains - 0%
THX to Science - 0%
What Time Is It...? - 0%
TOME: Aliases a Plenty - 0.5%
(Kirby & Kirbopher) Faithful Companionship's - 0%
TOME's Familiar Administrators - 0%
ADVANCE WARS ~ The Next Generation - 0%
Bad Ending to Past Sins Prelude - 0%
Sliding Around Across the Rainbow Road - 0%
TTK ~ Pulseman > Morphius Spritesheet - Exempted by AngryRobot & Azure-13
Elemental Morphius Collection /w Elemental Ability Bundle - 50% 
Heatnix Pie Will Fry You - 0%
Crystal Gems VERSUS The Precious Stones - 0%
Subterra Morphius, SamuraiJD, & Gabe Kuo VERSUS Thundora - 0%
Underwater Discoveries - 0%
Into the Forest of Wonders - 0%
Time Jumpers - 0%
DEATH BATTLE ~ Blue Bomber VERSUS Mighty Atom - 0%
TTA ~ Let's Kick Shell! - 0%
Banjo Kazooie x Yooka Laylee - 0%
Rayman Chronicles - 0%
Legends of the Hidden Temple x Treasure Hunters ~ 0%
Morphius & RULE 63 - 0%
Kirby x Alicorn Princess Blast - 0%
James "Paco" Morales VERSUS Disco Stu - 0%
Go Find BEER & Shoot Him! - 0%

Requests, Point Commissions, & Collabs ~ CLOSED & RESERVED until the 3 watcher tributes are finished, or at least enough artworks are finished. Whichever comes first...

TOME WARS: The Clone Wars - for :iconjoeycool1210: - 15% (current project)
Exit 9B Take II (Comic) - from :iconcrazycartoons5488: (Scripted Draft On Hold ... )
MLTOME'ers: Fighting Is Magic ~ Mauroz Edition (Collab) - with :iconmine-kid23: - 90% (ALMOST DONE...!)
Marvel VERSUS DC (Collab) - with :iconsonicpie1: 90.0% (ALMOST DONE...!)

*(If you see this asterisk) I do however have these done, but have not uploaded them yet. If you wish to see them now, please let me know, so that I can comply with them as soon as possible. Or that they're done & you can jump right in the URL for yourselves...!
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Various music, Classical, Jazz, 80's
  • Reading: Research on Wikipedia
  • Watching: BobSheaux,MLP:FIM,ToxicMarioLS,LegendofFalcon
  • Playing: Maximum Velocity,Super Smash Flash 2,Sitting Ducks
  • Eating: Eggs Sandwiches, Carrot, & Cookie
  • Drinking: Milk

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